Dog biscuit with green mussel

Strengthening joints and cartilages with the power of the green mussel, for active doggies

Delicious snacks with medium protein and high fat content, made of vegetable flours, high quality salmon oil and green lipped mussel powder. Rice flour is one of the best energy source for our dogs, linseed, because of its slime-forming effect, supports digestibility, egg is a 100% utilizable protein source, salmon oil is extremely rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It is well known that the New Zealand green-lipped mussel reduces the effects of arthritis, so this biscuit is recommended in particular for dogs whose joints are subject to higher levels of strain or for dogs with permanent joint problems, but it can have beneficial effects on every four-legged friend.

Caution! The product is NOT a medicine and NOT a medical preparation. It is not a replacement for appropriate veterinary treatment and medication if necessary!

Ingredients: oat flake flour, rice flour, linseed flakes, egg powder, salmon oil, sunflower oil, green lipped mussel powder. It does not contain additives, artificial preservatives, colours or flavour enhancers!

Analytic composition: dry matter 97,39%, crude protein 15,42%, crude fat 20,70%, crude fibre 1,55%, crude ash 1,50%

Recommended rationing: for small-sized dogs 2-3 pieces per day, for middle or big-sized dogs 4-5 pieces a day. Always provide appropriate amount of clear drinking water for your dog!

package size 50 g bag
packaging in practical, re-sealable bags, welded at the top