img_3749smallIt all began with Cutie and Flower….our two doggies

The creation of our dog bakery was inspired by the experiences with our own two adopted shelter dogs, Cutie and Flower. Unfortunately, a few years ago, Cutie dog’s both back legs had to be corrected by surgery. Since he refused swallowing the cartilage support pills during his post-surgery recovery, we crushed the tablets and incorporated them into home-made biscuits. These were eaten up fast! 🙂

Soon after the surgeries, Cutie’s allergy came to light too, so following our veterinarian’s suggestion we started to test what type of food, and what kind of ingredients he is sensitive to. After a while we realized that most commercial dog foods, produced by industrial technology, just don’t work for Cutie, because of some additives and low quality ingredients they contain.

And then, since we already had some practice, we thought: why not to make our own “dry food” for our doggies, free of chemicals, using only natural and healthy ingredients. So we began to produce home-made foodstuffs and the dogs just loved them, while Cutie got better and better. Soon, some of our family members and a lot of dog owner friends also became interested. Many of them tried out our all-natural biscuits and the feedbacks were very positive. That was the point when we decided to create the Cutie & Flower Dog Bakery.

Our natural and healthy biscuits


Nowadays, unfortunately, more and more dogs suffer from health problems such as:

  • Food allergy/food intolerance
  • Other kind of allergies (atopy, flea, contact)
  • Various civilization diseases (overweight, high blood sugar level etc.)

These problems can have different and sometimes complex reasons, but there is one factor that is almost always present: inappropriate nutrition. Foods and treats manufactured with industrial technology often contain artificial additives and low quality and/or inadequate ingredients that can have negative effects on dogs. Meanwhile, in a lot of cases, the same commercial foodstuffs are lack of natural components that could support dogs’ health in several ways.

Cutie & Flower dog treats, however, are made exclusively of high quality, dog-friendly raw materials that are suitable even for human consumption. Our handmade products contain different kind of useful ingredients (e.g. dried fruits) that usually cannot be found in treats manufactured by industrial technology. The biscuits are absolutely free of additives, fillers, artificial preservatives, colours or flavour enhancers. Therefore our biscuits, as a supplement to a healthy diet, can help your dog to resist, avoid or, as the case may be, to overcome health issues like allergies, or certain civilization diseases. Besides, we are continuously developing our products, and by focusing on particular conditions (like age, lifestyle etc) and health issues we aim to produce functional biscuits (e.g. treats for older dogs).

Professional background and high requirements

High quality, food safety and professional approval, are very important for us. Therefore our product development is supported by a veterinarian, a food quality and food safety expert, and a food technologist. Our manufacturing process meets the standards of HACCP, GMP+, and the relevant European Directives. Our production and our products comply with the extremely strict Hungarian food safety requirements (our National Food Chain Safety Office registration number is HU05 1 00112), and the treats are regularly tested in official laboratories. With this background and being in accordance with these high standards, we are able to guarantee that our dog biscuits are not only good-looking and delicious, but also healthy and top quality products, which are certainly beneficial for your dog.

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